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Whether you want to have a greater understanding of The Kingdom of God or you are a Kingdom newbie our  teaching material will aid you in grasping how The Kingdom works and how to find your pace in it. You can use this material to have small groups. Our mission; "Working together to restore the Centrality of His Kingdom, in all we do in our spheres of influence"


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Why do we learn? We learn to grow and make a difference in our lives and the life of the place we leave it better than we found it. We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. That's why the products we list are taught by people who truly understand what they teach. Our main teacher has been a student of the Kingdom since 1984, He knows that at that time God spoke to him to make the Kingdom his life study and message. His study began at a time when the Kingdom was not a popular message, however he remained faithful to the Lord's kingdom assignment. He is now called by many a Kingdom Scholar. He speaks out of revelation to hearts that are hungry to learn or know more about the Kingdom of God.

Unless we come as little children (eager to learn) we cannot enter into the Kingdom.

Developing a wide range of teachings and courses, because the Kingdom affects every area of life

In time we will be presenting Seminars on various Kingdom topics so join our list to be kept up to date on future developments.

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